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Helping Sighthounds Worldwide

Fast Friends’ mission is to help dogs in need, caring for them and matching them with loving homes.  With your support, dogs from across the country and around the world have come to Fast Friends to begin their new lives. Together, we can help even more dogs in need have the futures they deserve!

American Greyhounds

Many retired racing Greyhounds have come to Fast Friends from Florida tracks so far this year, and we plan to welcome even more over the next few months. Each Greyhound has their own unique personality, and Fast Friends works with each one individually to get them ready for their forever homes.  

 Some Greyhounds, like Duncan, stay at Fast Friends longer than others. You would never guess it by the smile in his photos, but Duncan had a difficult time adjusting to new people and situations. It took lots of time and a solid routine to build his trust.

Because of your support, Duncan had a home at Fast Friends for as long as he needed it, and staff that understood his personality and challenges. We never gave up on Duncan, and in February he went to his perfect home. The Greyhound that always had to go out alone now lives in a pack with three other retired racers and a very spirited young galgo. He is happy inside and outside, all thanks to you!

Spanish Mixes

What happens when a potential adopter loves Greyhounds, but also wants a puppy? Introduce them to a galgo-podenco mix puppy!

Fast Friends’ sister group in Spain, Galgos del Sol, frequently rescues pregnant dogs and nursing mothers from the streets. A new program brings some of these sighthound puppies, like Darcy, to Fast Friends, where they almost immediately find loving homes.

Because of your support, puppies are finding loving homes.  Plus, people who may not have been able to adopt a Greyhound due to their size or strength can still have a sighthound in their lives, all thanks to you!

Chinese Rescues

Greyhounds and other dogs can find themselves in the meat trade after their use as racers, hunters, or breeders ends. No longer wanted, they are sold to die, their value determined solely by their weight on the scale. These dogs exist in terrible conditions and face certain death without rescue.

Timmy was one of these Greyhounds tragically thrown away. He is one of the lucky ones, rescued by Candy Cane Rescue in China who contacted Fast Friends to take him and several others.

Because of your support, Timmy was saved and has the loving family he deserves. Bringing these rescued dogs from China requires a new level of coordination, but their need is so great we cannot look away. They are being rescued, all thanks to you.

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So many dogs are still in need. Because of your gift, we can save them together.