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Helping Sighthounds Worldwide

Helping Sighthounds Worldwide

Fast Friend is a racing-neutral non-profit whose mission is to find good, loving homes for retired racing Greyhounds from the US and other sighthounds in need from around the world.  With your support, dogs from across the country and around the world come to Fast Friends to begin their new lives. Together, we can help even more dogs have the bright futures they deserve!

Retired Racing Greyhounds in the US

The core of Fast Friends’ mission has always been rehoming retired racing Greyhounds here in the US. As legislation has changed the face of racing across the country, we have adjusted our reach as well. Where we used to take Greyhounds from the Hinsdale, NH, track just a town away, we now work with transporters to bring Greyhounds on the long journey north from Alabama and Florida.

As tracks in Florida phase out their operations, we will be ready to take as many Greyhounds as needed so that all can find loving families. Each Greyhound has their own unique personality, and Fast Friends works with each one individually to get them ready for their forever homes.  

Meat Trade dogs in China

Greyhounds and other dogs can find themselves in the meat trade after their use as racers, hunters, or breeders ends. No longer wanted, they are sold to die, their value determined solely by their weight on the scale. These dogs exist in terrible conditions and face certain death without rescue.

Our Mission: China program brings these dogs to the US. Working with our Chinese partner Candy Cane Rescue in Beijing, China, we fly the Greyhounds and other sighthounds to the US. Many need rehabilitation from injuries sustained before or during their time in the meat trade, and all need love and support.

In 2018, we brought 35 sighthounds home from China. In additional to Greyhounds, we were thrilled to welcome 12 Borzois, our very first Afghan Hound, an Italian Greyhound, and several mixes.

Bringing these rescued dogs from China requires a new level of coordination, but their need is so great we cannot look away. They are being rescued, all thanks to you.

abandoned hunting dogs in spain

Galgos—often called “Spanish Greyhounds”—are bred in huge numbers in some areas of Spain. After the annual rabbit-hunting season ends, thousands are abandoned on the streets, or worse.

Fast Friends’ sister group in Spain, Galgos del Sol, rescues Galgos, podencos, and other abandoned dogs from the streets and countryside around Murcia, Spain. Fast Friends brings some of these dogs to the US, where they are very popular with both veteran Greyhound owners and sighthound newcomers alike.

The most recent trips have focused on bringing over mixed-breed puppies rescued either along or with their mothers. They almost immediately find loving homes, especially with people who may not have been able to adopt a Greyhound due to their size or strength, enabling them to still have a sighthound in their lives!

So many dogs are still in need. With your support, we can save them together.

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