Adoption and Education Center
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Swanzey, NH. 03446
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Join us today! Volunteer opportunities include:

Step 1: Fill out an application

Printable Volunteer Application

Online Volunteer Application

Step 2: Attend an orientation

Orientations are generally held the third Sunday of each month 11am—1pm. Please check our event calendar to confirm.

Step 3: Come in any day 11am–3pm

No experience necessary!



*We do NOT currently have a program for court-ordered community service.*

Walking—Each of our 40+ greyhounds goes for at least 2 walks each day, and we're always happy to have help!

Socializing—Spending one-on-one time with individual greyhounds is crucial to helping them make the adjustment from track life. It helps them become accustomed to meeting new people so they will be more confident and outgoing when potential adopters come to visit.

Chores—We are tremendously grateful for the volunteers who keep Fast Friends running smoothly by cleaning dog dishes, weeding the gardens, washing the lobby windows (always lots of dog nose prints!), and helping with a variety of other indoor and outdoor chores.

Events—If you want to have a great time while making a huge difference for the greyhounds, sign up to help at one of our annual events or summer yard sales!

Greyhounds in the Community—On the weekends, we visit local businesses with the greyhounds ("Meet and Greets") to educate the public on greyhounds and show what a wonderful and gentle breed they are. We also make visits to local nursing homes.

Special Projects—We are happy to work with individuals or groups on special projects that would be eligible for scouting or other awards. Contact us to discuss your idea!

Meadow & Kathie at volunteer orientation
Meadow loves being the center of attention at volunteer orientation! With volunteer Kathie M.

If you have questions or would like more information about our volunteer program, please email or call us at (603) 355-1556.