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Gentle Graham



It's been three months since Graham came to live with us, and I just wanted to let you know that he is doing great.  Our lives have changed in so many ways since adopting him and we couldn't be happier with the situation.  He is so gentle and polite and also very silly at times.  He loves to be outside and in the car and does just fine being left alone if needed.  It's funny, we had so many rules for dog ownership before he came along (no dogs on the couch, no loud squeaky toys, etc), and as I look around our living room I notice that every rule has been happily broken. 

Emily and Phil

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Hi from Jesse



Just thought I'd let fast friends know how Jesse is. She's settling in finally. It took a while. She's found her forever home and she loves it here. Jesse says HI and thanks for letting us have her. 

Janet Wood

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Henry and Norman

Henry and Norman


Meet Henry, no longer Vinnie. He is a handsome brindle boy who reminds me of our greyhound who passed Misty in color and in the way he wants his ears rubbed... all the time!! It has been a long time since we have had a greyhound that wasn’t scared of their own shadow and Henry is that guy. He meets and greets everyone that comes to the house and like our other greyhound Norman, always wants to be near. Henry has taken Misty’s place in the daily assault ritual, so my laughter is back. Norman and Henry haves been wonderful additions to our "pack"!

Dolly Lajoie

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Ollie/Dakari at Home



Ollie - Dakari -- now called Oliver, nickname Ollie -- is sooo amazingly sweet! He and Lily are already good friends. He's been following her lead on how to do things around here and it's so cute to watch. They even had their breakfast together, side by side. Our cat is curious about him but is keeping his distance. So far, Ollie doesn't seem at all interested in the cat. He's been having fun trying out all our dog beds and fuzzy toys (and a few of our bed pillows, too!).

Terri Stuler

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Dane loves everyone!

Dane on the couch


Dane - Today marks one year you brought our beautiful boy Dane to our home. I remember when we first came to see him at Fast Friends and requested to see him. Everybody was like, okaayyy......And the mischievous one he is!!! Dane turned 3 in June and definitely still has the puppy in him. Goes into everyone's bedroom always steals something. The stairs which he has mastered certainly gets a workout as he bolts down them with his cherished stolen goodies Also using his height to see if there is anything yummy in the the kitchen sink or on the kitchen counters.

Dane loves everyone and other dogs! His walks are always an adventure for him. He gets so excited to see the kids at the bus stop and other dogs being walked by their owners. The tail starts wagging and the excitement builds as we cross the street to say hello.

Dane and our cat Mellow have finally decided to cohabitate. Of course all Dane wants to do is play with her but has learned to stay out of her way and appreciate her company when she allows it!

I remember you telling me he was always the Meet and Greet ambassador since he loves the car. Still does. He goes almost everywhere with Mommy and I love having him with me!!

Dane, as I call him is my baby boy...we all love him to pieces and life without him would certainly be boring!!

Lynda Gillin

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Yay Samantha!

Samantha Samantha and sister

Hi everyone at Fast Friends,
Just wanted to let you know that Samantha is doing great in her new home, entering week number three. She's absolutely perfect. We just got back from a walk in the woods near a waterfall, which she loved. I'm attaching a picture of us on our hike. And a picture of Naomi holding one of her toys which she started to show some interest in this week. We're so happy to have Samantha in our life!!

Hope you're well and thanks for all of the work you do,


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Ian finds his home


Dear Fast Friends,
It's hard to imagine that just 10 months ago we adopted Ian. He has become a huge part of the family. He is much more social and when we walk through the door he greets us with a wagging tail. He loves to go to park where there are enclosed spaces and run. He brings his toys everywhere with him and talks to us. He has made himself at home, and has found every possible couch there is for him to get up on. Thank you so much for suggesting him to us, and bringing him into our family!

Best regards,
Lindsay Gross


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Mayday - our happy little girl

Mayday Mayday and family

Just wanted to drop a quick update on how our pup is doing. Mayday -- yes, that's her new name :-) -- is doing fantastic. She's a happy little girl, and makes us so incredibly happy as well.
From day 1, Mayday has settled into her new home without any issues. She's been eating well, playing and goofing around daily, and learning about "life" wonderfully. She's been great staying home alone, although I'm sure me coming home during lunch time helps break the day up for her. She LOVES car rides and has learned walking the stairs basically on her own, thanks to my friend's (and now her best friend) chihuahua.
Mayday is finally at a place where she enjoys her walks. However, she's still quite afraid of traffic and upcoming people/bikes. I still haven't had much luck bringing her to the bike path, unless she's accompanied by another dog. However, we did manage to find other neighborhoods that she enjoys to walk through. She loves meeting other dogs, but definitely prefers the smaller, more quiet ones versus the bigger, more hipper dogs.
All in all, Mayday is just a wonderful dog. We couldn't be happier and more in-love with her :-) Attached are a couple of photos of our cutie.
Thank you again for introducing us to Mayday and letting her be part of our home.



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Summer is now Lola.

Lola lounges

Dear Sharron,
This email to tell you that Summer is settling down quiet well - last night we took long walk in the fields where she was intrigued by cows from afar and was startled by pigs when they grunted, but calmed down very well. Everything is exciting to her and then she collapsed on her pad. She slept well on the cage, for she had not done her "big one" and I did not want her to get bad habits when i would be asleep.... not a pip at any time......then long walk this morning so she could find scents to do all of her "business". She loved it, and she complied - she loves everything, it seems, except for her breakfast! I am sure it will get better. I did not find a suitable name yet, we will see..... but she is adorable. (Summer has since been renamed 'Lola')
Thank you again to have entrusted her to me.

Marguerite Holmes

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