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Ruben would not be here without you, and he still needs your help today.

Ruben came from China, where he was rescued from a tragic death in a dog meat slaughterhouse. Proving just how resilient Greyhounds can be, he recovered quickly from his traumatic time in the meat trade and blossomed into a confident, friendly Greyhound with a bright future ahead of him.

 Ruben was reserved to come to Fast Friends and, because of your support, all the arrangements were made to bring him home. But just a few weeks before he was due to travel, Ruben developed a mysterious swelling in his throat. The veterinarians in China ran tests, but they were unable to determine the cause of the lump or how to treat it. Ruben is just two years old and otherwise robust and healthy, so the decision was made that he should still travel to Fast Friends and be diagnosed by a veterinarian here in the US.

 After arriving at Fast Friends in May, Ruben was seen by several specialty veterinarians and underwent a battery of tests. Then, we received the devastating news: Ruben has lymphoma, a type of cancer.

Everyone who has met Ruben was absolutely shattered by this diagnosis. He had already overcome so much in his short life and traveled so far to find his forever home. Having this new obstacle on his path to a new life seemed so unfair.

After consulting with Ruben’s veterinarians, a treatment plan was created. Ruben is receiving a course of chemotherapy lasting 19 weeks, along with supportive care to manage any side effects. His cancer is a low grade and at a very early stage, and because of his age and health, he has an excellent prognosis.

Ruben needs your help to receive his treatment.The chemotherapy is costly, but Fast Friends makes a commitment to each of the dogs who come here that they will receive the very best of care, for as long as they need it. Along with his veterinarian, we predict Ruben’s outcome will be good. And when he is healthy again –– no matter how long it takes – he will be matched with his forever family.

Please make a gift today so Ruben can receive his lifesaving treatment and find his forever home.

Ruben is not the only Greyhound receiving life-saving treatment at Fast Friends right now, and any extra funds will go to them.

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You can also send a check to PO Box 10093, Swanzey, NH 03446 or call 603-355-1556 with your credit card information. Please be sure to let us know your gift is to help Ruben.

Thank you!