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Nate's Surgery

Nate is a sweet boy who likes to stop and smell the flowers.

Nate Needs your help

Nate is only four-and-a-half years old, but he has already gone through more than most Greyhounds ever will.

Almost immediately after he came to Fast Friends, Nate was diagnosed as heartworm-positive. The medication required to treat this disease was very hard on his body and he needed to stay quiet for several weeks—a difficult thing for a young dog to do. But Nate came through his treatment, and his future looked bright.

Nate is a shy dog by nature. Everyone enjoyed seeing him open up and let his personality shine. He started to show a real silly side, especially when playing.

then, Nate started to limp.

At first, we thought he had strained a muscle during one of his playtimes. But when it didn’t heal up within a few days, we took him to the vet and got the shocking news—Nate had bone cancer.

Nate’s cancer diagnosis was absolutely shocking.

Nate’s playtime is always fun to watch.

While bone cancer does occur in Greyhounds, Nate was so young! And he had already overcome so much with his heartworm treatment.

Nate was otherwise very healthy, so Fast Friends made the decision to go forward with an amputation surgery to try and save Nate’s life.

Finally—some good news!

Nate’s operation went smoothly and his recovery is going very well. And, the best news of all—Nate’s cancer hadn’t spread. The amputation surgery saved Nate’s life.

Nate still has a long way to go to a full recovery, and we are committed to making sure he has all the help he needs. Whether that means the very best veterinary care to make sure he stays cancer-free, extra attention from staff to help him adjust to his new three-legged life, or anything else he needs, Fast Friends will be there for Nate until he is well enough to go to his forever home.

Will you help Nate to heal?

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You can also send a check to PO Box 10093, Swanzey, NH 03446 or call 603-355-1556 with your credit card information. Please be sure to let us know your gift is to help Nate.

Thank you!