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Lives changed in 2017

You are the biggest hero of 2017!

Here are just some of the ways YOU changed the lives of retired racing Greyhounds this year.

JANUARY: Eight 5-day-old orphaned Greyhound puppies were nursed around-the-clock. All survived and are thriving in their forever homes.

FEBRUARY: Four Greyhounds were treated for heartworm. All recovered and have been adopted.

MARCH: Three-legged Tony crossed the Rainbow Bridge after a long fight with cancer. He was happy and pain-free right until his last day because of stellar veterinary care and innovative holistic treatments.

MAY: Blind Greyhound Tahoe was adopted.

JUNE: Two Greyhounds returned to Fast Friends due to changing life circumstances of the adopters. They were welcomed back and have successfully transitioned to new homes.

JULY: After months of daily work with staff, shy Greyhound Posie came out of her shell enough to win the hearts of her forever family.

AUGUST: Fast Friends took extra Greyhounds to help the more than 400 Greyhounds from the closed Mobile, Alabama, track find places locally.

SEPTEMBER: Fast Friends again brought in extra Greyhounds so that those released from the Pet Blood Bank in Cherokee, Texas, could go to local adoption groups and be spared a stressful cross-country journey.

NOVEMBER: Deaf Greyhound Sugar was adopted.

Because of you, these Greyhounds—and many more—will have the bright future they deserve.

Your support brings Greyhounds from racetracks in the South to Fast Friends, provides them with healthy food and veterinary care, and does so much more.

Socialization and enrichment are key to helping a retired racing Greyhound transition to a family companion. Your support enables staff to work with each Greyhound, every day, to help them adjust to their new lives. No matter where a Greyhound comes from or what their past situation has been, each one of these precious dogs can go on to have a bright future with a forever family.

Torque has been waiting for his perfect family for longer than most. He is a happy, healthy, and playful boy who will make a wonderful companion.  But first, he must learn to be a little less enthusiastic when greeting potential adopters.

Torque’s boundless energy can seem overwhelming at first. So, staff practices with him every day, bringing him into the family visiting room to meet volunteers and rewarding him with yummy snacks when he stays calm.

Torque loves his daily lessons and is learning quickly. The time staff and volunteers spend with him will have a huge payoff when he calmly walks into the visiting room and melts the hearts of his forever family. None of this would be possible without you.

Please help continue to make the future bright for retired racing Greyhounds. You changed so many lives in 2017, and your gift today will help bring even more retired racing Greyhounds from the track into our care and on to a forever home. Every gift, large and small, helps bring a Greyhound closer to a bright future.

Because of your support, every Greyhound can have a happy forever home. You are their future.


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If you would like to donate with a check, please make it payable to "Fast Friends" and send to PO Box 10093, Swanzey, NH 03446.