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Giving Tuesday

Be a Hero for LingLing on Giving Tuesday

Meet Lingling.

Lingling is currently in China, suffering and in pain after being thrown from a fifth-floor window.

With four broken legs and damaged hips, the person who was supposed to be helping Lingling heal allowed bed sores to develop, which have become infected open wounds.

Our partner in China, Candy Cane Rescue, has taken Lingling into their care, so she is safe for now. But she needs urgent medical care that is not available where she is.

Lingling is young and has a will to live! She is gentle and loving with her caregivers, and all of her injuries are treatable, if we can get her to the US immediately.

After all the horror and abuse she has gone through, Lingling can still have a long, happy, pain-free life.

Please help bring lingling to the us for urgent medical care

Lingling’s injuries after being thrown from a fifth-floor window. The plates in her front legs are only a temporary measure.

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How your donation helps

Fast Friends has been working with Candy Cane Rescue since January to save Greyhounds and other sighthounds from the Chinese dog meat trade and other abuse. Your donation today will help Lingling by paying for travel and medical expenses. With your help, Lingling and other Greyhounds like her will be saved and find loving homes in the US.

Click the button above to make a one-time donation with a credit card or PayPal.

You can also send a check to PO Box 10093, Swanzey, NH 03446 or call 603-355-1556 with your credit card information.

Thank you!