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Gabby's Story

Because of you, hounds like gabby and kid got the help they needed

Sometimes, Greyhounds are outwardly healthy but are suffering on the inside, in emotional pain from the treatment they have endured.

Gabby lived her entire life in a tiny concrete room. Her only human interaction came through a set of rusted iron bars. She stayed there year after year, until more than half of her life was gone.

Gabby, along with Gage, Gayle, Griffin, and Gavin, were racers at the notorious Canidrome track in Macau, known for its abominable conditions and high Greyhound mortality rate. When the Canidrome was shut down last year, Fast Friends was one of the groups contacted to find homes for some of the 500-600 Greyhounds kept there.

All five Greyhounds were underweight and needed extensive dental work. Gage limps from an old injury. Gayle arrived in season, even though she is eight-and-a-half years old, far past the time when she should be having puppies.

Thanks to you, these five neglected Greyhounds received all the medical care they needed. All had dental cleanings and extractions. Gabby lost 17 teeth and nine-year-old Griffin had 18 pulled. They are also getting emotional support, as staff works with them to gently introduce them to their new lives.

Senior Greyhounds are not the only dogs you have helped. Many of the Galgos, Podencos, and other dogs saved by our sister group in Spain are just puppies. When the hunting season ends, many unwanted hunting dogs are intentionally maimed and injured and turned out onto the streets to die. Puppies born to a mother living outdoors face so many challenges, including starvation, predators, deadly parasites, and diseases.

Kid was one of these abandoned puppies. He was one of a litter of nine puppies born in the mountains. One of the lucky ones, Kid was rescued along with his entire family.

With your help, Kid and three of his siblings came to Fast Friends. They will on to loving homes, growing up happy and carefree, as a puppy should, not struggling to survive.

Fast Friends will never leave a Greyhound or other sighthound in need behind.And thanks to you, we don’t have to.

Gabby was the first of the Macau Greyhounds to be adopted. With proper veterinary care and support from the staff, she gained weight and adjusted quickly to her new life. She began to play with toys –– the first she ever had. She ate her food with gusto, and soon was entertaining volunteers with her puppy-like antics. Almost as soon as she was ready for adoption, her new family came along fell in love.

Because you cared, senior Greyhound Gabby will live the life she deserves.

Kid and his sister Kylie went home

Accurate, the other four Macau Greyhounds, and Kid’s two siblings are thriving. All are friendly and playful and enjoy interacting with staff and volunteers. Far from damaged, these resilient Greyhounds prove every day why injured Greyhounds, senior Greyhounds, and Greyhounds from desperate situations deserve love and care.

So many Greyhounds need your help, right now. With your help, Fast Friends can bring them home. Your support makes all the difference.

Top row, left to right: Griffin, Gayle, Gage, Gavin

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Bottom row, left to right: Accurate, Kid’s siblings Kaylee and Kipling

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