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Florida Track Closings

thousands of racing greyhounds need you right now

All racing Greyhounds in Florida are in limbo. When voters passed an amendment on November 6th to end all racing in their state, every Greyhound suddenly faced an uncertain future. Puppies bred for racing and young Greyhounds still in training also need places to go.

Eleven tracks will begin winding down on January 1st. With your support, Fast Friends will be ready.

You helped the Greyhounds when the Mobile, Alabama, track closed last year. You helped the Greyhounds when the Cherokee Blood Bank in Texas was shut down.  You have always been there for the Greyhounds, and your support now is more important than ever.

The scale of the track closures in Florida is staggering. Two-thirds of Greyhound tracks in the US are in Florida. Some of the thousands of Greyhounds currently in Florida will be transferred to the remaining six tracks across the country, but the vast majority will leave racing completely.

While the tracks have until the end of 2020 to cease operations, they can begin scaling back as early as January 1st. Breeders and trainers of Greyhounds not yet at a track can begin placing their dogs immediately.

With the huge influx of Greyhounds will also come new expenses. Retired racers usually are spayed or neutered and have had dental cleanings before they arrive at Fast Friends. With so many thousands of Greyhounds leaving the tracks in such a short time, Florida veterinarians will be unable to keep up with the need. Fast Friends will be taking on the responsibility of these surgeries for each Greyhound, increasing the costs substantially.

With your help, Fast Friends can continue to find homes for many retired racing Greyhounds.

Sometimes, a Greyhound needs even more care. YOU are the reason a Greyhound named Faith is alive today.

You stepped in when Faith was at her lowest. Now she is happy, healthy, and home.

You stepped in when Faith was at her lowest. Now she is happy, healthy, and home.

Faith was absolutely perfect. Happy and outgoing, this two-and-a-half-year-old retired racer brought a smile to everyone’s face. She was a regular Greyhound ambassador at local “Meet & Greet” events. Everyone knew she would win the heart of an adopter in the blink of an eye and be off to her forever home.

Just when it seemed Faith’s future couldn’t be any brighter, she got sick.

Faith was rushed to a veterinary hospital. She had surgery to remove a blood clot and special medication to treat a drug-resistant infection. Doctors also diagnosed Faith with an autoimmune disease that would require care for the rest of her life, if she recovered.

After six weeks of intensive care, Faith was able to leave the hospital. She was very weak and had lost a frightening amount of weight. Through it all, she never stopped fighting. Her will to leave shone in her eyes. Months after her crisis, Faith still needs medication and monitoring, but she is healthy and thriving.

You made Faith’s miracle possible.

No Greyhound is ever turned away from Fast Friends. The doors are wide open to take in as many Greyhounds from racing industry breeders, trainers, and the closing tracks in Florida as possible. Some, like Faith, will need special medical care. With your help, they will all find homes.

So many Greyhounds need your help, right now. With your help Fast Friends can bring them home. Your support makes all the difference.

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You can also send a check to PO Box 10093, Swanzey, NH 03446 or call 603-355-1556 with your credit card information.

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